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Iran Continues Crackdown on Illegal Crypto Mining, Seizes Hundreds of Mining Rigs

Authorities in Iran persist with their efforts to curb unauthorized cryptocurrency mining. The state-run power distribution company has recently identified over a dozen underground crypto farms in Tehran and other regions, unplugging hundreds of mining units illegally connected to the grid.
Power Utility Busts 14 Crypto Farms in Homes Across Iran
The Iranian government continues to crack down on unlicensed crypto mining operations. The state-owned Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company, Tavanir, has confiscated 227 mining rigs last week. Its employees found the devices in 14 illegal cryptocurrency farms set up by households in different parts of the country.
The mining machines were found in homes during inspections carried out by Tavanir, the utility announced, quoted by Ibena news agency and the English-language business daily Financial Tribune. The coin minting facilities were discovered in the provinces of Tehran, East Azerbaijan, Isfahan, and Khuzestan, the

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