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Investing in Bitcoin without actually buying it

Bitcoin’s popularity seems to be growing rapidly and more people are starting to invest in it without actually purchasing it. lets see how it is possible shall we? Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, seems to be everywhere these days. From fast food to sports to the local Walmart, it finds its place in the mass flow. As an investment, his spectacular rally that year excited his followers and piqued the curiosity of the uninitiated. In 2021 alone, the price of Bitcoin has more than doubled. Is it time to invest yourself?The easiest way to bet on Bitcoin is, of course, by buying it. But there are many reasons why you might not want to take this direct route. You may not know Bitcoin and want to get involved, but you would prefer to know more traditional types of investments. Or maybe you know a lot about Bitcoin’s value and don’t want to touch it, watch out for seemingly random price fluctuations. Or you already own Bitcoin and want to invest more in the future of cryptocurren

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