Here is how you can track DeFi protocols and NFT launches on Solana

Blockchain analytics platform Nansen has announced today an upcoming integration with Solana, a high-performance blockchain supporting builders around the world creating crypto apps that scale.

“When @solana?”
We’re thrilled to announce that Nansen will launch #Solana dashboards soon, so you can explore the top-performing #DeFi protocols and #NFTs on Solana!
Reach out to our team at Solana Breakpoint: Alec @geniusbutmodest, and Ray @defiray33
— NansΞn (@nansen_ai) November 9, 2021

Set to launch in Q1, the new Solana dashboards on Nansen will give users the ability to explore the top-performing DeFi protocols, Smart Money movements NFT launch on Solana, and gain insights into the Solana blockchain ecosystem as a whole.
Tracking dApp activity on Solana
Over 30 protocols have been launched on Solana, including several DeFi applications and NFT marketplaces, and the total value locked on the network has already surpassed $13.4 billion this month. 

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