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Happy Hippos NFTs: A Pioneer Collection Drop

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a unique data unit contained within a digital ledger and cannot be interchanged. They are used as a representation of items that can be reproduced easily like artwork, images, videos, and audio files, among other digital files. NFTs are unique in their own way, using the blockchain technology in building a verified and accessible certificate of ownership.
Happy Hippos are a class of AI-generated NFTs randomly produced via a programmed mechanism and base on based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Hippos have been developed from more than one million varieties to sample a first generation collection of 8888 Hippos.
About the Hippos
The Hippos are found in Africa where they are Happy and co-exist in Harmony. Nonetheless, as this class of Hippos is fast a threatened species fast going extinct, they await to be adopted by willing individuals.
While the Hippos are generally wonderful to own, they each stand out for their own physical appearance. The best of t

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