Ethereum Name Service Airdrops DAO Token, ENS Price Up 160% After Launch

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) – a popular system for decentralized naming – has just airdropped its new governance token on existing name registrants. Twitter is bustling with excitement as some name holders rake in incredible gains from its fast appreciating value.
The Purpose of ENS Token
On November 1st, Brantley.Eth – director of operations at ENS – announced and explained the recent airdrop. In the name of decentralization, he said the team would be “passing ENS governance over to the community” through their new governance token, ENS. Starting then, community members could start applying to be ENS delegates.
“Specifically, we wish to have the ENS root multisig pass over control of the existing ENS treasury, its future funds, and control of the .ETH registrar contract that is in charge of the pricing and registration mechanism for .ETH names,” reads the post.
People didn’t need to apply to receive their ENS airdrop, however. The governance tokens were airdropped to

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