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Early Ethereum Name Service (ENS) adopters rewarded with a hefty five-figure airdrop

Early adopters enjoy another five-figure payday as the Ethereum Name Service protocol airdrops its new governance token to domain holders.
Early adopters in the cryptocurrency market have once again been rewarded for their bravery and exploration after the popular Ethereum Name Service protocol, which issues nonfungible token that double as Ethereum addresses and web domains, distributed an airdrop for its new ENS DAO token. The resulting airdrop translated to an instant five-figure payday for many holders and there are those who would have registered multiple ENS addresses to multiple wallets, meaning some holders are in possession of a six-figure airdrop. It had been widely expected that an airdrop was in the works for members of the ENS community, especially because the tactic has become more common throughout 2021 and was made popular when Uniswap, a decentralized exchange, surprised users with a retroactive airdrop la

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