Dogecoin to the Moon in Q1 2022 as DOGE-1 Set for Launch by SpaceX

Dogecoin is reaching new highs, but not in the way one might think. Unizen – a smart crypto exchange ecosystem – has partnered with Geometric Energy Consumption (GEC) to fund a mission to the moon with Dogecoin. What’s more, it may be set for launch before any other mission of its kind.
Dogecoin To The Moon, Literally
The organizations are prepared to launch a 40kg Cubesat spacecraft into lunar orbit in Q1 of 2022.
A CubeSat is a miniature satellite used for space research. After gathering lunar spatial data, it will relay knowledge back to GEC using its onboard communications module.
Notably, this launch agreement was funded using DOGE, the notorious meme coin popularized by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. The mission has appropriately been named “DOGE-1”.
Tom Ochinero – SpaceX Vice President of Commercial Sales – called this a first in outer-space economics:
“This mission will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth orbit and set the foundation for interplane

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