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Democratic challenger to crypto-friendly senator’s seat is interested in space

38-year-old Senate candidate Morgan Harper said she would be “in learning mode” on the crypto space and solicited comments from her followers.
Morgan Harper, a former senior advisor at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is coming out as ‘crypto curious’ in her race to be the Democratic nominee for one of Ohio’s United States Senate seats.In a Tuesday thread on Twitter, Harper said she was interested in the possibilities Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies could mean for policy in Ohio. According to the Democratic candidate, Bitcoin can take the place of many functions of traditional banks by passing on “the wealth of the network” to all users rather than a handful of large shareholders.“There are crypto projects out there that want to compete with basically every facet of what a bank or social media company does,” said Harper. “Their basic model is more inclusive than a corporation. I’ve heard anecdo

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