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BTC Retraces Below October Highs: LTC Spikes 7% to 6-Month High (Market Watch)

Following the latest all-time high charted yesterday, bitcoin has lost some traction and has dipped below $67,000. Most altcoins have also retraced, aside from Litecoin. LTC has marked another impressive increase and has tapped a new six-month high.
Bitcoin Calms Above $66K
During the weekend, which was just three days ago, the price of the primary cryptocurrency had dipped to $60,000. This was the third consecutive such drop in a week.
However, the situation quickly changed, and BTC started to appreciate in value rapidly. In just a day, the asset skyrocketed by $4,000 and came inches away from its October peak of $67,000.
Although it was unable to break it at first, bitcoin initiated another leg up in the following hours and peaked at $68,700, which became the new all-time high.
Since then, though, the asset has lost some ground and has now dipped below $67,000. Nevertheless, its market capitalization stands above $1.250 trillion, while the dominance over the altcoins has increased to

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