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Brave Browser to Integrate Solana Support

Brave, the company behind the Brave browser, has partnered with Solana to provide support for the blockchain directly from its browser. According to a press release, the Brave browser will now default to Solana for cross-chain and decentralized app support. Brave users, that are now in the millions, will have access to a Solana wallet within the app. This feature is expected to roll out during the first half of 2022.
Brave Partners With Solana to Offer Dapp Support
Brave, the company in charge of the development of the Brave browser, a leading privacy-first web browser, has announced it is partnering with Solana, a top five smart contract enabled cryptocurrency, to offer support for Solana-based apps directly from the browser. The announcement was made during Solana’s Breakpoint conference, where Brave’s CEO Brendan Eich praised the scalability and functionality that Solana would offer for Brave users.
At the event, Eich stated:

With more and more users and creators requiring

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