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Block.one’s Bullish exchange wins license from Gibraltar regulators

Block.one announced its plans to build Bullish, its own blockchain-based crypto exchange, in May 2021.
Block.one, the developer of the EOS.IO protocol, the blockchain network of the EOS cryptocurrency, continues progressing with its cryptocurrency exchange subsidiary known as Bullish.Bullish officially announced on Nov. 10 that its branch Bullish Limited obtained a distributed ledger technology license from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).The regulatory approval marks a major milestone ahead of the exchange’s launch. Block.one announced plans to build the exchange in May 2021. Block.one CEO and Bullish chairman Brendan Blumer said that Gibraltar is emerging as a “leading blockchain and virtual assets hub” that can provide a foundation for crypto-focused companies to “operate securely and in compliance with industry best practices.” “Securing this license signals that the Bullish exchange is a p

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