Zimbabwe considers “unstoppable” crypto as legal tender

Local media reports that the Zimbabwe government is considering crypto as legal tender in the country. According to Bulawayo24, the country’s Director of IT and Communications, Charles Wekwete, said the government had opened dialogue with all stakeholders on the matter.
The comment came as Wekwete was speaking at the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) Summit, which ended on the weekend. The central theme of the conference was the use of digital innovations as a means for post-pandemic recovery.
While much is said about the role of crypto in “saving” the economy, the issue is still a contentious one. However, as more countries warm to the idea of crypto playing a role in financial infrastructure, the strength of argument against it will begin tapering away.
As some predicted, El Salvador, being the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender, would set off a snowball reaction, as economically oppressed nations look elsewhere for a better deal.
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