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PBoC governor says digital yuan to be more privacy-enhanced than payment apps

Making the e-CNY more privacy-orientated aside, the PBoC already has ambitions to bring the CBDC onto the world stage.
During a virtual video session at the Bank of Finland Institute for Emerging Economies’ 30th Anniversary Conference, People’s Bank of China governor Gang Yi discussed recent developments regarding the country’s central bank digital currency, or CBDC, known as the digital yuan (e-CNY). Gang specifically addressed the issue of privacy surrounding the Digital Yuan in the following statement, as translated by Cointelegraph:We are taking a high degree of focus on issues surrounding the security of personal information and the digital yuan and have made relevant regulatory and technological adjustments to meet this objective. We have adopted a principle of anonymity for small transactions regarding the digital yuan and will only step in to regulate under the law for large transactions. When it comes to collecting

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