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French central bank publishes results from wholesale CBDC experiments

The Bank of France has made public some of the results of its experiments with central bank digital currency.
A report published Monday focused on its wholesale CBDC efforts, the French central bank said that the trials focused on the trade and settlement of financial assets that are represented on a distributed ledger. The tests began in 2020, with initial details becoming public at the start of this year. 
“These experiments with a wholesale CBDC were carried out in record time, in less than a year, and show how interested market participants are in the subject, as well as their expectations regarding public authorities,” Nathalie Aufauvre, Director General of Financial Stability and Operations, said in a statement. “With the emergence of financial assets in tokenised form, we have shown that a CBDC, combined with the potential of new technologies, can ensure the safe settlement of transactions in these assets and thereby contribute to the secure development of these innovations

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