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Climate Chain Coalition advocates for the creation of a green economy at COP26

A number of representative and delegates supporting the Climate Chain Coalition group spoke at a dedicated panel on Tuesday at COP26.
Delegate representatives from the Climate Chain Coalition spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday.Climate Chain Coalition, or CCC, is a global environmental initiative consisting of 250 member organizations and individuals aligned to utilize blockchain, distributed ledger, or DLT, and other promising digital technology solutions to foster the growth of a climate-focused economy.Hosted by Strategic director of CCC, Miroslav Polzer, the panel of expert representatives, including Denby McDonnell, Dr Tia Kansara and Cointelegraph editor-in-chief, Kristina Cornèr, amongst others, spoke unequivocally about the importance of subjects ranging from carbon NFT’s through to accountability in corporate practises. Programme Manager at th

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