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Brazil’s central bank denies announcement about digital real trial

Brazil’s central bank says information in a press release circulating about a trial of its digital real currency is false.
The announcement, which was published to PR Newswire on Nov. 3 and still active, claims Brazil’s central bank is partnering with the Lithosphere cryptocurrency platform to launch a trial of its planned central bank digital currency (CBDC). According to the announcement, Lithosphere “initiated discussions with the Central Bank of Brazil to partner on the country’s digital real roll out.”
But Brazil’s central bank told The Block in a Nov. 8 email that the information is false, further confirming articles in Portuguese from BeInCrypto and Portal do Bitcoin reporting that the announcement is not legitimate.
Brazil’s central bank is really working on a CBDC, but has yet to announce a firm launch date.
The press release, which appears to have been issued by a Seattle-based KaJ Labs, has been making the rounds on Twitter over the past few days. KaJ has eigh

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