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THORSwap hammers home the point: Aligned incentives are a crypto superpower

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice — shame on me. Fool me three times… or four? How a community-focused project regained its footing, where others stumbled and fell.
THORChain hasn’t had an easy year. After three exploits in the space of a month during the summer the protocol’s native token (RUNE) took a beating, plummeting from all-time highs over $20.00 in May to a low of around $3.50 in late July.Billed as a way to exchange crypto assets across different blockchains without an intermediary, the protocol disabled swaps completely as it looked to harden the network against exploits. With the relaunch of Ethereum swaps in late October, however, THORChain’s recovery was virtually complete — and the price of RUNE was within striking distance of the $20.00 mark again.And then there was the THORSwap public sale. THORSwap, a decentralized exchange powered by THORChain, had a successful initial capped sale that

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