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RTFKT with Daz 3D tries enhancing the NFT metaverse

RTFKT studios is disclosing details about their latest joint venture with software developer Daz 3D for building a new version of NFT. RTFKT Studios, declared an artifact, have announced a joint partnership with software developer Daz 3D to use their technology to create immersive three-dimensional avatars for tokens or their irreplaceable upcoming NFT version, CloneX. Founded by Chris Lee, Benoit Pagotto and Stephen Vassilev, RTKFT is at the forefront of the next generation of sneaker culture, combining evolving augmented reality technologies, indispensable tokens and blockchain authentication, among others.Their latest project, the pfp avatar project, will use the Daz 3D PFP utility kit to extend the avatar’s capabilities across a variety of environments including gaming, video, social media, and the metaverse. The Daz 3D software platform is home to more than 4 million artists and designers worldwide, and their partnership with RTKFT is expected to be the first of many creations bet

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