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Monster Strike Publisher Mixi Taps Flow for NFTs and Games

Mixi, a leading Japanese mobile game and app publisher, announced today that it will launch blockchain-powered games and NFT-driven experiences on the Flow blockchain, the home of NBA Top Shot and other upcoming NFT platforms.
Mixi began life as Japan’s largest social network, which launched in 2004, counting tens of millions of users in the years that followed. Ultimately, Mixi faded as global competitor Facebook gained steam in the country, but the firm refashioned itself as a publisher of mobile apps.
The company’s crown jewel is Monster Strike, a popular mobile role-playing/puzzle game that launched in 2013 and has grossed more than $9 billion to date. It has amassed 55 million total players in that span and even spawned an anime series and movies.
Monster Strike is huge in Japan, but an English version didn’t find the same kind of audience globally, and shut down in 2017. Mixi also publishes other mobile apps and games, and recently launched Tipstar, a sports betting app tha

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