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Microsoft to Offer Mesh, a Corporate Metaverse for Teams

Microsoft has announced the launch of a metaverse-inspired feature for its Teams app called Mesh. Mesh will allow users to introduce personalized avatars in digital worlds, making meetings more immersive. The platform is being announced on the heels of Facebook’s pivot to becoming a metaverse-dedicated company, changing its name to “Meta.”
Microsoft Embraces the Metaverse
Software behemoth Microsoft has announced it will release a metaverse-inspired solution for its Teams app called Mesh. With Mesh, users in meetings will feel more immersed because the app will introduce avatars — digital representations of the user — for applications like team calls. Furthermore, the avatars will be able to meet and greet each other in an immersive, digital world.
This new feature will be available for users with smartphones, laptops, or even holographic devices. According to Jeff Teper, a Microsoft corporate vice president, Mesh is a way to:

Signal we’re in the same virtual space, w

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