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How to Invest in LuxFi – the Luxury Asset-Backed NFT Marketplace

For many people the luxury market is out of reach. However, with LuxFi, that is no longer the case. The platform combines blockchain technology, NFTs, and a luxury goods market open to anyone, anywhere. LuxFi will mark a significant shift in the way luxury goods are traded, and how people acquire them.
LuxFi is at the center of this transformation in the market. The platform aims to create a transparent, open and data-driven marketplace where users can safely transact with each other. Let’s break down all the components of LuxFi.
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
At the core of LuxFi are non-fungible tokens. An NFT is a type of crypto asset that is meant to reflect uniqueness. They were invented on the Ethereum network with a token design designated ERC-721.
The ERC-721 was created first to reflect collectible assets on the Ethereum network. The most famous example is CryptoKitties, which became the most popular DApp on Ethereum in 2017. The ERC-721 token standard quickly migrated to digit

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