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FC Barcelona to Launch Iconic Historical Moments as NFTs

Football Club Barcelona – commonly referred to as Barça – has decided to release a non-fungible token collection to depict epic moments from its nearly 122-year history.
The initiative became possible after the team signed a global partnership with Ownix – an NFT marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain.
NFTs For The Blaugranes
The Spanish team, a symbol of the Catalan province and the local culture, is one of the most successful soccer clubs in Europe. Unlike many others, its supporters – known as the Blaugranes – own and manage FC Barcelona. Therefore, Barça’s motto “Més que un club” (“More than a club”) sounds rather appropriate.
According to an official press release, the soccer team will grant another opportunity to include fans in its family: the chance to acquire non-fungible tokens via various auctions taking place throughout the season.
The digital collection will reproduce iconic events from the team’s history, such as displaying the record 75 tro

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