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FBI Public Service Announcement Warns of ‘Increased’ Crypto ATM, QR Code Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), America’s domestic intelligence and security service, has published a public service announcement concerning fraudulent schemes associated with cryptocurrency ATMs and QR codes. The FBI’s warning, published on November 4, highlights the presence of “scammers” directing their energy at unknowing victims.
US Federal Agency Warns of Increase in Crypto ‘Scammers’
On Thursday, the U.S. government entity the FBI published a public service announcement that explains “criminal actors” are maliciously utilizing cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) in order to compromise victims’ crypto funds. The FBI’s press release stems from the Internet Crime Complaint Center which has seen an “increase in scammers.”
“The FBI warns the public of fraudulent schemes leveraging cryptocurrency ATMs and Quick Response (QR) codes to facilitate payment,” the announcement notes. “The FBI has seen an increase in scammers directing vic

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