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Enegra migrates digitized equity tokens from Ethereum to Polygon blockchain

The firm selected the Polygon blockchain for its low transaction fees and fast transaction time.
Enegra Group, a commodities trading firm based in Malaysia with a net asset value of $28 billion, has migrated its equity-tied EGX security tokens from to the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain from Ethereum (ETH). In 2019, Energra tokenized 100% of its equity, enabling shareholders to digitally exercise their dividend, voting, and governance rights. Both the initial tokenization and token migration were facilitated by Tokeny, an asset tokenization and compliance infrastructure provider.Matthew Averay, managing director and CEO at Enegra, said:We tokenized our equity to improve liquidity. And, now that the technology is available for faster, cheaper, and compliant transactions on the blockchain, we wanted our investors to take advantage of it. Polygon and Tokeny provided the complete infrastructure we needed to do so, and we are extre

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