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DOT Price Analysis: DOT Breaks All-Time High, Wait for Dip Or Buy Now?

Historical data reveals a consecutive slump of Polkadot’s DOT price upon reaching 1billion USD open interest. Increasing open interest shows a growth in the number of derivatives contracts that’s currently at play, which also implies more retail trading involved with the crypto-asset.

Polkadot’s founder Dr. Gavin Wood stated that the 960 million USD grant will be used to develop, improve, and educate the growing ecosystem of the Polkadot network.
Projects looking to launch on the Polkadot network are currently raising capital to bootstrap their Parachain auctions, while Polkadot investors look out for the best projects to support by locking their DOT tokens while expecting air-dropped tokens in return.

Let’s dive into the price charts of the DOTBTC and DOTUSDT and get an idea of how the upcoming Parachain auction, among other fundamental events, could affect the DOT price.
Polkadot Price Analysis: DOTBTC Weekly Chart 

A series of bearish divergence setups on the DOTBTC char

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