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Developers can now port their Ethereum dApps to Nervos as ‘Godwoken’ goes live

Nervos today announced that “Godwoken,” the first EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain in the network’s multi-layer roadmap, is now in mainnet beta. Starting today, developers can apply to be part of Nervos as it aims to become the next major DeFi ecosystem in the blockchain space.

Godwoken, our EVM compatible Layer 2 blockchain, is now live on mainnet beta
With #Godwoken & Force Bridge live, Ethereum developers can use their existing codebases to port their dApps to #CKB
More info https://t.co/kW1t2vai4R
Join mainnet beta https://t.co/lYleyF1GGc pic.twitter.com/AYRypdSAsX
— Nervos (@NervosNetwork) November 4, 2021

Bridging the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem
The major milestone follows the launch of Force Bridge, a trustless cross-chain bridge that allows for seamless transactions between Nervos and other public chains, on the mainnet. 
With both Godwoken and Force Bridge now available, Ethereum developers can use their existing codebases to begin porting their dApps to Nervos, e

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