Bitcoin Vs. Gold: Both Pomp and Schiff Agree that FIAT is Lousy – Find Out Who Won

The much-anticipated debate on the most crucial question of the next decade aired on Crypto Trader’s YouTube channel. The Question: Which is a better store of Value – Gold or Bitcoin. 
Peter Schiff, the chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc represented the gold investors. This is the second debate this year featuring Peter Schiff as a gold buff.
Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital, represented that ‘1 million crypto-twitters.’ It was an exciting conservation between the two school’s of thought, with compelling arguments from both sides. Here are some of the highlights from the debate:
Schiff trusts gold because it has been money, or of value for thousands of years. While Pomp believes that the system is transforming and people in the digital age would rather trust a piece of code.
Moreover, Pomp said that Bitcoin provides feasible independent custody of money, which can be spent at the whim of the owner. However, to spend gold, they w

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