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These Bitcoin Futures ETFs May Be Next to Launch

On Tuesday, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF will become the first exchange-traded fund backed by Bitcoin futures to begin trading in the U.S.
Anticipation of the offering pushed the price of Bitcoin near record territory. And institutional investors, seeing the potential for higher demand of BTC, have flocked back to the asset.
So, what’s next? 
While many investors have hoped that a “pure” Bitcoin ETF—not one based on BTC futures—would be in the cards this year, for the immediate future, it looks like more Bitcoin futures ETFs could launch to provide competition to ProShares.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is sitting on a backlog of applications, none of which need to be approved. If the agency doesn’t object, they can quietly go into existence. (Though they could also go into effect sooner if the SEC formally approved them.)
The first up is the Invesco Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which can start trading as soon as Wednesday, October 20. Next week, two more are up: the

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