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Mudrex launches DeFi mutual fund model for retail investors

The crypto firm is expected to offer investment options for DeFi and NFT assets.
Cryptocurrency asset management firm Mudrex has announced the launch of its new Coin Sets investment vehicle.The new offering allows investors to diversify their asset portfolio across a range of high-performing decentralized finance, or DeFi, assets, as well as nonfungible tokens, or NFT’s. The niche financial model fosters the distribution of risk exposure in what is often considered a volatile marketplace, allowing investors to bet on the value proposition of an entire sector, rather than the individual potential of a single asset. The basket of assets is also rebalanced on a monthly basis to recalculate the risk and opportunity for investors. This is reportedly the first time a product of this kind has been launched to the retail marketplace, as opposed to mutual funds with similar design and functionalities that exclusively target hig

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