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Arbitrum extends lead over Optimism as Uniswap posts record volume on L2

DeFi users appear to be choosing Arbitrum over Optimism for scaling as Uniswap’s layer-two volume presses into record highs.
The world’s most popular decentralized exchange, Uniswap, is seeing layer two volumes surge as Ethereum transaction fees surge once again.On Oct. 19, Uniswap founder Hayden Adams tweeted that daily volume across v3 deployments of the decentralized exchange on layer-two networks has pushed into record levels. Adams estimated that Uniswap v3 processed an unprecedented $115 million in combined daily volume across the Arbitrum and Optimism networks without providing a source. Uniswap v3 on layer 2 (arb + OE) doing an all time-time high of $115m volume!!2⃣ L2 season is here :)— hayden.eth (@haydenzadams) October 18, 2021

While Adams’ post was published amid peak U.S. trading hours, data sourced from analytics provider Nomics at the time of writing (3 am UTC) suggests that Uniswap v3 drove $8

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