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Top Ten Crypto Market Capitalizations Shifted a Great Deal Since the Last Time BTC Hit $60K

The price of bitcoin recently jumped above the $60,000 per unit mark on October 15, and the leading crypto asset has not seen prices this high since mid-April six months ago. However, as far as the top digital assets are concerned, in terms of market capitalization, things are a whole lot different. For instance, ether tokens are worth a lot more than they were six months ago and binance coin values were higher back then than they are today.
Six Months Later as Bitcoin Returns to $60K, Some Crypto Coins Trade for More Value, While Others Trade for Less
On April 11, 2021, statistics from’s historical snapshot data show that on that day, bitcoin (BTC) exchanged hands for $60,204 per unit. BTC also reached an all-time high three days later on Apr 14, 2021, at $64,804 per coin that week. The data from the historical snapshot indicates that ethereum (ETH) was swapping for $2,157 per coin on April 11 and today, a single ether is trading for $3,761 per unit.

The stats six

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