Ethereum (ETH) London Hardfork Would Make These Tokens Obsolete

The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum is heading for a major on-chain upgrade with the upcoming London Hardfork. The upgrade is scheduled to take place by August 5 which would solve the long-pending gas fee problem on the network and also make Ether supply deflationary. Crypto enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the upgrade and hope it would bring a positive impact on the token price. However, the London Hardfork is not good news for everybody as several gas tokens will go obsolete.
1Inch, a popular DEX protocol revealed that the upcoming upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain would make two of its popular transaction tokens useless. The tokens would be Ethereum gas token GST2 and an improved version of the same developed by 1Inch network called CHI. The firm revealed the news in an official blog post which read,
“As transparency has always been a major value for the 1inch Network, it is essential to share with you that the upcoming Ethereum upgrade, known as the London ha

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