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Wallstreetbets Forum Members Targeted by a Crypto Scam That Reportedly Left Over $2M in Losses

The famous Wallstreetbets (WSB) Reddit forum has made headlines again in the cryptocurrency community, but this time around, it’s not because of ban-related topics or endorsements on a digital asset. Some WSB members reportedly fell into a crypto scam which has left people with millions of dollars in losses.
Fraudsters Promoted a Fake Coin Named ‘WSB Finance’
According to BNN Bloomberg, a bogus Telegram account named “WallStreetBets – Crypto Pumps” has been offering a fake token called “WSB Finance” that was designed by the WSB team, which is not true.
In fact, fraudsters claimed that users could have the chance to acquire the coin before it gets listed on exchanges. To make the acquisition possible, victims sent binance coin (BNB) or ethereum (ETH) to a wallet.
Afterward, they should contact right away to a “token bot” to get their WSB Finance virtual currencies. However, things started to get shady when people received messages notifying them about a “problem wi

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