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US Senator Elizabeth Warren Bashes Cryptocurrencies Citing Environmental Impact, Investor Protections

US Senator Elizabeth Warren sees several issues with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. She said that “we need a good strong regulatory agency that can continue to update,” claiming that cryptocurrencies invite “investors to come in without the ordinary protections of the transparency and disclosures and auditing.”
Elizabeth Warren Bashes Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
Elizabeth Warren, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts, was asked about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and how they should be regulated in an interview with Influencers’ Andy Serwer on Yahoo Finance Thursday.
Recalling that Warren previously said that bitcoin was speculative and might end badly, Serwer asked how cryptocurrencies should be regulated and whether they should be regulated at all.
“It’s a good question,” Senator Warren replied. “I put this one again, with the SEC [U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission], a reminder why we need a good strong regulatory agency that can continue to update. You k

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