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Turkish government to track crypto transactions over $1,200

Turkey’s Minister of Treasury and Finance sheds light on regulatory actions following an alleged $150-million crypto exchange scam.
Crypto exchanges with a presence in Turkey must now inform the Financial Crimes Investigation Board, or MASAK, about any crypto transactions over 10,000 Turkish liras ($1,200). Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance Lütfi Elvan announced the new policy on a CNN Turk live broadcast last night. Two weeks after a $150-million fraud involving a major crypto exchange in Turkey, Elvan shared updates on the government’s draft crypto regulation on live TV. Turkey’s central bank has defined crypto as a nonmonetary asset and banned the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Elvan noted that the second step was to grant MASAK the authority to audit and oversee crypto exchanges.According to Elvan, MASAK has prepared a guideline for crypto exchanges that includes the rules and penalties fo

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