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SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Calls for Better Protection for Cryptocurrency Investors

The recently-appointed SEC Chair, Gary Gensler, believes the cryptocurrency industry and the people involved need more advanced protection. In a recent interview, he also referred to bitcoin as a speculative store of value and called for an update of the existing regulations in the US.
Advanced Protection for Crypto Investors in the US
The cryptocurrency boom that started in late 2020, in which prices blossomed, and global demand skyrocketed, has caught the attention of watchdogs. Regulators are dabbling with if, how, and what kind of rules they need to implement to enhance security.
So far, the US has failed to propose a valid answer that was not criticized by the industry or higher authorities. The new Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission touched upon this topic during a recent interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box.
He outlined the necessity of providing investors with more protection, especially in markets as volatile and popular lately as the crypto space.
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