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Paypal Crypto Shows ‘Really Great Results’ Amid Strongest Quarter Ever, CEO Says

The CEO of Paypal has revealed that the company’s cryptocurrency business is showing “really great results.” The first quarter was Paypal’s best quarter ever overall and the strongest year in the history of the company, the CEO emphasized.
Paypal Sees ‘Really Great Results’ in Its Crypto Efforts
Payments giant Paypal reported its first-quarter earnings Wednesday. During the company’s earnings call, President and CEO Dan Schulman said his company “generated $6.033 billion of revenue in Q1, growing a record 31% spot and 29% on an FXN basis.” He said this is the strongest year in Paypal’s history and Q1 was the “strongest quarter ever with record financial and operating results.”
He also noted that Venmo continued its strong performance in Q1 with $51.4 billion of total payment volume, up 63% year over year. The executive reiterated that the company “launched the ability for Venmo customers to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies” during the quarter.
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