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How Hedge Funds Are Changing the Crypto Landscape

Since the market crash of March 2020, hedge funds have poured into the world of cryptocurrencies in search of profits. 
Some of the world’s biggest, Galaxy Capital, Grayscale, and Pantera dominate the crypto hedge fund market, which combined has around $60 billion at its disposal from clients who want exposure to the world of Bitcoin and Ethereum without having to go through the process of buying and HODLing it themselves. 
While this is hardly surprising given Bitcoin’s price has more than doubled in the last 12 months, what’s particularly interesting about this group of investors is how their behavior is changing the crypto landscape. While many early crypto investors saw acquiring cryptocurrency as a way of supporting their favorite ecosystems – and benefitting from a rise in prices – hedge funds have no such loyalty when it comes to profits. 

So far, in 2021, crypto hedge funds are up 116.8% in the first quarter, outstripping Bitcoin’s 104.2% return, according to Eureka

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