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Here’s two important reasons why Cardano (ADA) hit an all-time high today

Cardano (ADA) posted a new all-time high today of $1.68. Several events have contributed to this. Most recently, U.S. exchange Kraken announced the addition of ADA staking on its platform. There’s also the feel-good factor still lingering from the Africa deals.
With parent company IOHK pushing to roll out the Alonzo smart contract protocol by August, things are shaping up nicely for Cardano. The question is, can it continue to sustain this momentum? And if so, what might that mean for its price?
Kraken adds Cardano staking
Late Tuesday evening UTC saw Cardano staking go live on Kraken. The firm posted a tweet announcing the news. On offer is a return of between 4-6%, which is slightly less than the 7.26% rate per stakingrewards.com. But still in line with the real-world returns reported by delegators.
“Receive initial annual staking rewards between 4-6%, issued weekly with instant stake & unstake.“
Staking is a way to actively participate in validating transactions on a Proof

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