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Goldman Sachs Clients Trade Bitcoin Derivatives as Citi Discusses Crypto Services

Large American banking organizations are rushing into the cryptocurrency industry, according to recent reports. Goldman Sachs, a former Bitcoin critique, has enabled its institutional clients to trade BTC derivatives, while Citigroup is looking into releasing crypto-related services amid growing demand.
Goldman Clients Trade BTC Derivatives
Out of the largest US-based banking institutions, Goldman has perhaps the most controversial history with the crypto space. The entity had a digital asset trading desk in 2017, halted it a year later when prices were down, and restarted it in 2021 when the market exploded.
In the meantime, the giant investment bank claimed cryptocurrencies are not an asset class during a conference call. However, the tides have turned completely (for now), and Goldman is frequently dipping its toes into digital asset endeavors.
The latest one, reported by Bloomberg, reads that the bank has already enabled its institutional customers to trade with non-deliverable der

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