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Ethereum Classic gains 300% in one week as traders rush to buy the ‘wrong Ethereum’

The “original” Ethereum, despite its security issues, beats ETH as it ascends to USD levels never seen before.
The “original” yet ironically “wrong” Ethereum and Telcoin (TEL) are leading a fresh altcoin surge this week. Bitcoin (BTC) fans are already calling time on the fun.Ethereum Classic (ETC), the pet favorite of Digital Currency Group founder Barry Silbert, is up 300% in a week. ETC hits $180: Bull market or “casino market”?In the latest incarnation of the 2021 “alt season,” altcoins are passing the torch between each other as investors chase optimal gains. This year has also seen a curious shift in market focus from a token’s use case to the culture around it. This was epitomized with Dogecoin (DOGE), the high flyer of 2021, which has gained over 7,000% since January.Memes and other social triggers likewise seem to be driving progress in this week’s round of breakouts, with ETC exploding in value without a

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