Cosmos’ cross-chain transfers are coming to this popular crypto app

Cosmos, the interoperable blockchain ecosystem, today announced that has enabled Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol functionality to allow the seamless interchain transfers of cryptocurrencies within their system.
The protocol is a decentralized network of independent, scalable, and interoperable blockchains, with over 200 projects building over the network and is focused on sovereignty, scalability, and usability, Cosmos enables developers to rapidly and easily build blockchain applications.
How cross-chains help
The integration unlocks huge potential and creates new capabilities for future cross-chain implementations of the Chain and other IBC-enabled chains and further cements the IBC protocol as the foundation for interoperability between sovereign blockchains.
IBC will perform the role of a bridge among different blockchains, by facilitating exchanges between a network of interconnected chains. The integration allows for the transferring and receiving of

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