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Bank of England governor issues crypto investment warning

England’s central bank warns crypto investors to be wary of the risks associated with buying cryptocurrencies.
Andrew Bailey, governor of the Bank of England has warned crypto investors of the dangers of participating in the market.Speaking during a conference on Thursday, Bailey balked at the notion of “cryptocurrencies,” stating that “crypto assets” was a more suitable nomenclature for describing virtual currencies.The BoE governor espoused well-worn anti-crypto rhetoric, specifically the argument that cryptocurrencies lacked intrinsic value. “I would only emphasise what I’ve said quite a few times in recent years [and] I’m afraid they have no intrinsic value,” Bailey added.Delivering his stark warning to crypto investors, Bailey said:“I’m sorry, I’m going to say this very bluntly again: buy them only if you’re prepared to lose all your money.”The BoE governor’s remarks bear a close resemblance to statement

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