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Almost twice as much ETH locked in DeFi as on exchanges: Glassnode

While the amount of ETH locked in DeFi protocols is up 75% since the start of 2020, the sum of Ether held on centralized exchanges has fallen by 30% over the same period.
Ether is being locked up in decentralized finance contracts at an accelerating rate this year, while the amount held on centralized exchanges continues to fall.On May 7, on-chain analytics provider, Glassnode, shared a chart comparing the number of Ether deposited in Ethereum-based smart contracts to the number of ETH held on centralized exchanges over the past 17 months.Since the start of 2020, the share of supply represented by Ether on centralized exchanges has dropped more than a quarter, from roughly 17% to 12%.Over the same period the percentage of ETH locked in smart contracts has increased by three quarters, from 13% to 22.8%, showing that DeFi is steadily eating into centralized exchanges’ profits from Ethereum trading fees.Ether supply in smart

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