25% of American crypto investors see Dogecoin as the new Bitcoin: Survey

A recent survey revealed that 1 out of 4 Americans sees Dogecoin as the future of cryptocurrency.
Researchers also discovered that 23 percent of investors expect Dogecoin to hit $1 in 2021.

In the last three months, Dogecoin has appreciated from $0.004 to a current price of $0.62 after years of “joke” tag. The asset has witnessed an incredible trading volume after months of Elon Musk hyping it on Twitter. It appears that a sizeable number of American investors are following Musk into Doge-mania.
To back the recent retail interest in the coin with facts, Gamblers Pick, a gaming entertainment website conducted a survey to understand the public perception of Dogecoin. Researchers relied on a sample size of 1000 individuals familiar with the crypto industry in the U.S. The survey had a confidence interval of 95 percent, with a 3 percent margin of error. 10.7 percent of the respondents were baby boomers, 22.6 percent were Gen Xers, 60.8 percent were millennials and 5.9 percent were G

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