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Visa and Tala Join Forces to Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption for Underbanked Populations

Payments giant Visa and financial services provider Tala have partnered to boost cryptocurrency adoption in emerging markets. The collaboration aims to “make it easier for underbanked consumers to convert, store, and use cryptocurrencies.”
Visa and Tala Boosting Crypto Adoption in Emerging Markets
Visa and Tala have formed a new partnership “to help underbanked populations participate in the crypto economy,” Tala announced Wednesday.
Tala is “a financial technology company on a mission to enable and accelerate financial health for all,” its website details. The company’s Android app “offers instant credit and personalized financial education,” the company noted, adding that it has delivered more than $2 billion in credit to more than 6 million customers across Mexico, the Philippines, Kenya, and India.
There are two additional partners for the project – Circle and the Stellar Development Foundation – that “will bring the benefits of the digital currency ecosyste

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