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Reserve Proposes Customers to Use Their Business Zelle Accounts to Process Payments

Reserve, a fintech and cryptocurrency-related exchange and payment processing app, sent an email yesterday to its customers asking for their help in processing payments by leveraging their personal Zelle accounts to do so. This raised certain alarms in the community, that are now wary of a third-party company using their accounts to do its payments on its behalf.
Reserve Proposes Customers to Use Their Zelle Accounts for Payment Processing
Yesterday, lots of customers were surprised by an email sent by Reserve (a fintech/ cryptocurrency exchange and payment processing company backed by the creator of the Petro, Gabriel Jimenez) asking to lend their business Zelle accounts to use them for processing payments. The surprising email mentioned giving rewards for this in an informal way, offering ‘thousands’ for helping the company by the use of these business Zelle accounts.
Many users were alarmed by this proposal and took it to social media to protest and alert against the risks of le

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