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Pocketcoin (PKOIN) Decentralized Social Token Trading Competition Rewards Just Doubled on Bilaxy

PRESS RELEASE. (Puerto Rico, USA – May 6, 2021) To celebrate its numerous recent successes, one of the world’s foremost decentralized social networks, Pocketnet.app, has launched a trading contest on its newest exchange, Bilaxy.com. Competition ends on May 13th, the rewards for active PKOIN traders on Bilaxy just doubled to total 20k PKOIN! PKOIN already gained over 960% since its recent start of trading on the Bilaxy exchange.
What Is Pocketnet? Decentralized, Blockchain-Based Social Network
Pocketnet – think Facebook / Twitter / YouTube minus the censorship, all built on Bitcoin-like foundation. Pocketnet has also solved one of the key challenges of a censorship-resistant social media platform, which is content moderation. The network sits atop fully autonomous, decentralized nodes. Pocketcoin, the native token, helps facilitate this censorship resistance. If you like crypto, you’re gonna love Pocketnet!
Pocketnet was born out of a desire to return the power and control of so

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