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PayPal’s Recent Impressive Performance due to Cryptocurrencies, Says CEO

After publishing impressive Q1 2021 results, PayPal’s CEO outlined cryptocurrencies as the major driving force behind the notable increases in revenue and user activity. The largest online payment processor’s first-quarter numbers exceeded previous expectations as its revenue was above $6 billion.
PayPal Attributes Q1 2021 Success to Crypto
When PayPal broke the news last year with plans to enable its multi-million user base to interact with cryptocurrency assets, the community was somewhat divided. On the one hand, over 350 million new users received access to digital assets, while on the other, the firm didn’t initially provide withdrawals and there were concerns of high fees.
Nevertheless, crypto engagement on PayPal really picked up almost immediately, as seen in the company’s Q4 2020 report. In it, PayPal reported a massive uptick of new active accounts – 16 million.
The situation has repeated to a large extent in Q1 2021 as the newly registered active users grew by more

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