Moma Protocol Completes a $2.25 Million Round to Create Infinite Liquidity for Long-Tail DeFi Lending Markets

Singapore, Singapore, 6th May, 2021,
Moma Protocol, an innovative solution to solve scalability, liquidity and speculation needs in the current DeFi lending market, has completed a $2.25 million dollar round of funding led by Fundamental Labs and SevenX Ventures.
Moma Protocol creates, manages, accelerates, and aggregates lending markets through a proprietary smart contract factory, creating an ecosystem that allows for the infinite expansion of lending liquidity and market diversity. Moma Protocol was incubated and supported by Lichang, a community App with over a million registered users. Since the protocol’s concept inception, the concept of “improving the scalability of the DeFi lending market” has been favored by the crypto market and recognized by the community.
The investors in this round include Fundamental Labs, a highly reputable blockchain fund that has invested in Coinbase, and also SevenX Ventures, which has over 100 successful investments in it’s portfolio, as we

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